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Do we get to keep our images? Yes!

With the purchase of any package, you are also purchasing the high-resolution, individually-edited files that result from your coverage. As soon as they have been completely edited, these are uploaded to a private viewing gallery, given to you via a digital download link (so you can start printing them right away) and mailed to you on a DVD (if part of your package or purchased) within eight weeks of your wedding day or event. Although in most cases you will receive them much sooner. I love what I do and that includes the editing.  Unedited images are part of your DVD package(if included). Please refer to the final amount of final edits in your respective package. 

Are you insured? Yes. I carry both liability insurance (to protect you, your venue and your guests) and equipment insurance. While this is a good idea in its own right, many venues require liability coverage of all of your vendors.

Are your images copyrighted? Yes and no. You have the right to use your final edits  (and pass them along to friends and family) for all the non-commercial uses you desire, and you will have signed paperwork that states this. There are copyright limitations on advertising with them, so if a vendor from your wedding asks for your wedding photos, simply send them to me and I’ll provide them with images along with rules for crediting photos.

What kind of equipment do you use? I use a top-of-the-line Canon digital system with multiple backups. 

Our budget is really tight. Can you help? There are a few ways to manage the cost of wedding photography that is popular with clients. The first is to consider using basic event coverage. I do offer discounts for off-season  (November-April) ask me about it. You may also create a payment plan that will allow you to split up your payments into a monthly amount that will span the time you sign up for coverage to the time you receive your images.  I offer PayPal credit as an option and the link can be found at the bottom of this page. Please let me know if you’d like to consider one of these options!

How do we reserve the date? The date is held with your 25% (wedding) retainer fee for weddings. The 25% is determined by the total amount equal to all package and add on items you have chosen. I will hold your date and we will all sign an agreement guaranteeing my presence at your event! All other sessions other than weddings requires a $50 retainer paid prior to booking the shoot date. 

What should we wear? Personally, I always lean towards classic outfits because I don’t want to feel quite so dated when looking back on my images. I lean towards solids with color combinations that intrigue me, and a few well-chosen accessories. That said, this is your photo session, so please feel free to choose whatever you feel most attractive in! If our session is going to be outdoors, I recommend dressing as though it is ten degrees less comfortable outside than you think it’s going to be. I’m a big supporter of dressing in layers, and I think that a charming scarf or hat in chilly weather can add to an image in a wonderful way. This is also a great time to treat yourself to something you love – a jacket you’ve been eyeing or a skirt that’s been on your wish list for a while. Something that makes you feel bold and attractive goes a long way to help you feel great in front of the camera.

What if it rains? If this is a family session with young children and you feel comfortable having the session in your home, we can relocate your session indoors to your abode. These are sometimes my favorite images because they hold so many memories of the space in which you live. When your children are grown, chances are that you’ll live in another house – looking back on their childhood home will hold special memories for both you and your children. If this is an engagement or adventure portrait session, or you just can’t fathom getting your house clean enough for a photo session, we have three choices: we can shoot in the rain I have a small studio space (additional fee) or we can reschedule. There are no rescheduling fees for rain dates or illnesses.

We’d like studio images. This is an additional add on to your package. Please contact me directly via email or by phone for this service. 

How do we choose our images? For standard sessions, you don’t have to choose! I sort through the images from our session and get rid of anything that I don’t think is a keeper and I edit the ones that constitute the best body of work from our time together. These images are provided to you via digital download as soon as they’re ready and are uploaded to an online gallery for backup, viewing and sharing. 

What if we want more than the included amount of images from our session? No problem! You can select as many as you like. Additional images are just $4/image.

What’s the difference between prints and images? Any time we refer to images, we’re talking about digital files – jpegs – that are provided to you at high-resolution so that you have maximum flexibility with where and how you’d like to print them. Prints, on the other hand, are the printed images on photographic paper.

Do we have to buy our prints through you? Not at all! While your gallery allows you the ability to purchase prints and products through me, your high-resolution jpegs allow you the flexibility to go anywhere you like to print your images. I do offer print credit with most sessions which are good for a limited time. You are not obligated to order with your print credits, but the print order session is a good time to see what we can provide vs other prints options (Costco, Walgeens ect.) The prints credits are not applicable to your online gallery.   

We’ve photographed with you in the past and want to do it again! What are the perks? Awesome! I love being a part of people’s lives as their families grow. Repeat customers get 10% off any photo session they like.

Can I share my images on Facebook? Yes, absolutely. Share away. If your friends ask where you had those awesome photos taken, just send them this way :).

What is the best way to upload my images? I suggest uploading from a DVD format. If a DVD is not part of you package. You can purchase one as an add-on. Uploading from this format will give you the best chance of having your images look great on your social media. As Facebook and many others downgrade the quality of the images once uploaded. If you upload them from a source that is already a digital format (ie online) it further downgrades the quality.  

What happens after I download or receive my images? I suggest you download them to your own computer and also keep a backup copy on a DVD or external hard drive. I do not keep your images forever. Space is very valuable to a photographer. 

I am never too busy for your questions! Please feel free to email me at rumonkey74@yahoo.com  or call at 503-830-7221 with any additional questions you have or to start the process of reserving your shoot date.

Kind Words

Brittany E —

First off I would like to say that Corey is an amazing photographer. I have been following his landscape work since he got started and his eye in photography is on point! Last year I hired him to shoot my best friends wedding and not only did the end result of all photos blow me out of the water but so did his professionalism. He was easy to work with and went completely above and beyond!! I would highly recommend Corey for any type of photoshoot....He is constantly developing new skills and techniques and works hard at always capturing that perfect moment!

Jen B —

Corey from Monkey Photography Design took our family photos and we have two young, energetic boys. Most in a similar situation come to dread family photo days fearing a stressful day with poor results. What a pleasant surprise! Corey was so kind to our boys, incredibly patient and creative in getting their attention to capturing some beautiful family photos for us. I told him all I wanted was a group shot to hang on our wall where all four of us were looking and smiling. Turns out we had multiple photos to choose from. He was friendly and professional. We look forward to working with him again in the near future. Prices are very reasonable as well.

Jeanne Johnston — 5 stars *****

Corey is an amazing professional! My mom and I are a real estate team and he came to our office to shoot our new head shots. He was VERY attentive to our needs and how we felt about each shot. He is truly amazing to work with! Corey worked hard to make sure we were 100% satisfied. You can always tell when a professional likes their job or not and he definitely loves what he does and it shows! I would highly recommend him! AND he's doing my engagement photos, I can't wait!!

Deja Weisenhaus — 5 stars*****

Monkey Photography Design did an awesome job shooting my wedding. We got married last August and the photos were one thing I didn't have to worry about. Corey is very professional and our photos were beautiful!! The photos came out exactly how we wanted, with several different filters, angles and multiple shots to choose from. Not to mention he was VERY quick with editing them and getting them to us, which I loved as I wanted to see them asap. I highly recommend Monkey Photography Design!

Zack Clark (owner of Clark's Bistro & Pub)-    

Corey is a true professional. It's not the just fancy gear that makes you a photographer. It's attention to detail. It's friendly, informative, and professional interaction with your client. It's a passion for the art. Using those standards I feel that Monkey photography and Corey are worth every dollar spent on your next shoot.

I offer Paypal credit as an option if you should need to spread out the total amount over time in payments.

Click Below for Pay Pal Credit

Rumonkey74@yahoo.com                                                                                                               503-830-7221

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